Redactor 2.2.0-rc1

Today we made available through our pre-release channel the first release candidate for Redactor 2.2 which brings improvements to the media browser. There is an all new Fullscreen mode as seen below. We think you’ll like it.

Eureka Fullscreen Example from JP DeVries on Vimeo.

To enhance clarity there is a new “no files found” feedback screen. Storage prefixes for images and files are now separate. By creating a eurekaUseLocalStorage System Setting you can optionally disable local storage all together.

There is a new redactor.initial_directory_depth System Setting which defaults to 3. This means that the media browser will now recursively return listings for three directories deep when listing directories. For example, if your initial directory is assets/uploads/farm_animals you’d want this setting to be 3. If it were 1, as it previously defaulted to, only the assets/ folder would initially be seen in the tree.


++ Redactor 2.2.0-rc1
++ Released on 2016-04-29
- All new Full Screen view in Eureka media browser model
- Eureka: New messaging "no files found" messaging
- Eureka: Separate Storage Prefix for Files and Images [#417]
- Eureka: Setting to disable localStorage via hidden eurekaUseLocalStorage setting [#418]
- Eureka: Control whether of not fullscreen mode is available via hidden eurekaAllowFullScreen System Setting
- Image Title Renamed to Alternative Text [#401]
- Removing references to autoresize [#394]
- Exposed redactor.initial_directory_depth Setting with a default value of 3. This means the Eureka Media Browser connectors will now attempt to recursively list directories three depths deep.