Use CB with foundation Accordion?

(Ralph De groot) #1

Hi ,

what would be the best approach to build a FAQ section (with Foundation accordion) with Cb?
Right now i use MIGX to do that but its not very visual for my client.
What CB techniques would be the best way to tjhis

(Frederik Houwen) #2

Why would you use Migx? You can use a repeater in CB. Very easy.

(Mark Hamstra) #3

Yeah, the repeater would be the recommended approach for that. See for information on how that one works and what it can do.

For the FAQs on the modmore site I actually use FaqManager as the FAQs are presented in both the extras sections, and the support site, which is slightly easier to reuse than a repeater.

(Ralph De groot) #4

Yes the repeater works fine