Update existing content after ContentBlock and Redactor install

So after install Redactor, in content block i had only not formatted html.
And after install ContentBlock it’s looks like this

How subj.

And i had a few another questions :
1)If i did’t install layouts with CC how i can do it? And if i want to reinstall how i can update license? It is strange that for 1 domain i have 0 license after install, and even after uninstall.
2)How i can embed CC into the Redactor ?


Hi @smakarov3!

You can either add layouts via Extras > Components > Layouts, or you can hit reinstall on the package and select the one of the basic sets there. If you’ve uninstalled the package, you should still be able to do that, but if you removed the package completely please let me know the domain it was installed on and I’ll reset the license for you.

Once you have layouts and fields in ContentBlocks, you can immediately start using Redactor with it through a rich text field - no further action required there.

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Thanks a lot
Can i use css rules in Redactor like in TinyMCE ?

Certainly, we call those custom formats: https://www.modmore.com/redactor/documentation/custom-formats/

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Great! Can i plug in main .css site file in Redactor?

You could do that, but chances are your CSS will conflict with the manager. Contrary to editors like TinyMCE, Redactor doesn’t run in an iframe so any CSS you load is added to the entire manager. Best is to create a separate file that scopes all CSS to the .redactor-editor class :slight_smile:

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