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I use Content Blocks for a lot of projects, and I really miss a block type that would be similar to the Repeater one, but without the repeat feature. I know I can limit the repeater to one occurence only, but then the UI is not ideal.

What I would really need would be a “universal” block type where you can add all kind of fields (image with the crop feature, rich text, video, etc.), without the obvious limitations of the field settings

Currently, I use either Snippet Fields (and I add settings as additional fields), but it’s not that user friendly for my customers, and there is still the issue with Rich Text settings that don’t work well.

[Update] I’ve just tried again using Repeater with minimum number of items to 1 and maximum number of items to 1, and it’s absolutely perfect. You can discard this message :slight_smile:

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Hi @jeanphilippeansel,

i think we have the same needs as you and use the following solution to accomplish this:

The User in our sites can select between different “modules” and create different looking sites without breaking the CI of the site. I think that is what you are looking for too.

The User can select between different Modules. These Modules are either preset or the User can add/remove additional fields connected to this specific module. This way the user has a maximum of flexibility without any chance of breaking the CI.

We do this by setting a Layout in CB for every module. This is hidden for the User. To every Layout we add the possible Fields and limit them to the specific Layout. Now we build a Template for every module with the layout and the preset fields.

Because all the Layouts and Fields are hidden for the user: The user can only select templates. That way we have this preset “modules”. Inside the modules/Layout we hide/show the CB “add Content” buttons with a custom Plugin via CSS to limit the user and have a better and nicer looking UI. Additionaly we disable drag&drop for some modules to ensure nothing gets mixed up.

This is a kind of the “Fred”-Way in CB. :slight_smile:
Its a little more work than the regular way … but it makes the user and the designer happy, because the user has a lot of flexibility without breaking the CI at all. The clients love it…

If you are interested on the CSS/JS Plugin-Code or a more detailed instruction - just contact me. I am happy to support. CB is awesome! :slight_smile:


Hi @jdaehne,

Wow that’s a really smart use of Content Blocks, I love it! Thank you so much for sharing this !
By the way, I tried Fred but in my opinion ContentBlocks is far more superior :slight_smile:

And yes, I am very interested in your plugin. I’m sending you a DM right away.

Thanks both for your feedback to CB. I’m interested in the solution for disabling drag’n drop, too (: Maybe you can post it here?

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend.

Hi Jens,

i send you a PM with links.

Best regards