Richtext as added setting for field does't work


I’m sure that there is a problem with richtext (using redactor) for additional settings on cb-fields.
Actually I have an image field with two text and one richtext setting. Text and even textarea work fine.
The richtext field is visible in the backend usage but the edited content wouldn’t save.

Is this a known issue?

As a workaround, for now, I’m using a textarea instead of richtext.


cb-version: 1.8.3

At the moment rich text settings only work when they’re set to be used in a modal window. They don’t work when exposed on the canvas.

Thanks, Mark.
Good to know - but I like it to have all text is visible on canvas.
May be this is a good point for the next version.


We wanted to get it working on the canvas too with the initial release, but the way settings are handled internally, plus that we have to support a range of different RTEs, made that rather complicated. It’s on the radar, but might be something we can’t implement until 2.0.

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