Rendering TV's in outputfilter


I have a layout that i want to give something optional to render.
So this page has a TV ‘sidemenu’ (a checkbox thats either ‘yes’ or empty). Based on this TV i want a column to render or not. so i have this in my lCB layout.

   <div class="columns flex-container">

The strange thing is that when the sidemenu TV is checked (value ‘yes’) this value shows on the page.
So the visitor reads ‘yes’ on the page.
I would assume this value is only used to determine if the column should be rendered so why is it showing up on the page??

Based on what you describe, I’d expect you to use the notempty, not the default output modifer:

   <div class="columns flex-container">

I tried both. and both give me the value of the TV instead of value of the :else

I found that [[*sidemenu:neq=`yes`:then=`<div ...... />`