RC2 hangs on rebuilding content


Just updated CB to the 1.7.0-rc2.
After changing an image setting (under CB layouts) i hit rebuild and after about 70% CB hangs.
the ‘rebuild content’ modal seems to freeze.

Also the image setting doesn’t show the ‘choose’ and ‘upload’ buttons anymore in the manager.


Can you share a screenshot of the buttons missing? Are there any errors in either the MODX error log or the broader developer console when rebuilding?

It seems this happens when you add a default picture with a wrong path/ or doesnt exist yet

When rebuilding there is no error in Modx. a constant request to /connectors/index.php just keeps going wit an empty arra as response.
Your welcome to a login if you want to see for yourself.

Some errors are popping up in de Modx errorlog. not sure if they are related?

Seems i cant copy paste the error in this forum with getting an error 403 ??? so i’ll attach an image

Any news on this? the fact the rebuild doesn’t happen is the main issue here. We can’t change a thing now

Regarding the “missing buttons” issue, that screenshot shows an image is actually selected. It just doesn’t show, cause the path to it is likely wrong.

If you click on the Delete Image button, that will unset the chosen image, and will once again show the upload/choose buttons.

Regarding the rebuild not continuing, open the dev tools before starting the rebuild process, and look at the first request to assets/components/contentblocks/connector.php. That’s the request actually running the process, the others just poll for updates.

Perhaps the request comes back with a PHP error response for one reason or another (time limit? error in a snippet or plugin on a specific page?).

You can also try to find out what resource is causing the error by looking at the log in the console. What is the last one it processed, and which one would logically be the next? Can you save that resource normally if you try to edit it?

If you’d like us to take a look, please email support@modmore.com with details. Generally speaking that is also the better platform for anything urgent, as we don’t necessarily monitor the forums all times of day.

ok i’ll open a ticket