Link Field Type Rendering Incorrectly

I’m using Link Field Type in the settings of a layout. It appears to be working correctly in the admin view, but is rendering incorrectly on the frontend. I’m am linking to a resource, but it renders as URL/ResourceNumber, instead of URL/ResourceLink.

Any suggestions on how I can get this render properly? Thanks.

What does your field template look like?

Here’s the line of code from the template:

<a class="btn gradient green" href="[[+btn_leftLink]]" onclick="ga('send', 'event', 'PPC Landing Page', 'Click', '[[+btn_leftText]] bottom');">[[+btn_leftText]]</a>

and btn_leftLink is a layout setting?

Yes. Here is a screenshot:

Looks like there’s a possible bug in saving the link setting on layouts. For now, you can do [[~[[+btn_leftLink]]]], which would use MODX’s built-in link rendering; however, that would break things if/when we fix that bug (we’ll have to discuss internally, as it has the potential to break a lot of sites if we change the behavior now)

Oh right. I didn’t event thing of that. I’ll change this for now, and keep a look out for future updates. Thanks!