Is it possible to show a grid?

I would like to make the grid of the content block fields and layouts more visible when editing/creating resources.

I got feedback from the admins of our site, that they do not see the grid behind the cbFields and cbLayouts.

Can someone help? Thanks :slight_smile:

What grid do you mean? You talk about cbFields and cLayouts, which sounds like something on the component, but also about editing/creating resources so I’m confused!

Hi Mark :slight_smile:
I am talking about the cb view when editing or creating a resource.

The other admins don’t get to see the contentblocks component page. They can only use the given cbFields when creating/editing resources. And in this form they are having some problems dividing the single cbFields visually.

I think they are simply not used to this kind of view, but will probably get used to. Anyways, they asked me to make it happen (if there is a simple way to do so ^^)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, okay. It’s mostly just CSS so you could load your own CSS file to override some of the styling. This FAQ entry shows how you can use a plugin to register a custom CSS file in the manager:

We don’t have documentation in terms of what classes are used where, but you should be able of figuring that out using the browsers’ development tool.

There are some changes coming to ContentBlocks 1.6 that improve the user experience, but there haven’t been changes to the way the layouts/fields are displayed so far in terms of the “grid”. If you make any changes in your own CSS file that might be useful to other users, I’d appreciate it if you could send those changes to me so I can check them out, and see if we can incorporate them into the core product.

Thanks Mark, thats a good start :slight_smile:
Let’s see how it works out for my team. If they enjoy the updated looks, I will send them to you.

Thanks agian :slight_smile: