How can i update license?

Hi there! I’ve purchased ContentBlock. And it’s did not working for me(rewrite content after ContentBlock on/off in settings) . I decided make a backup and purchased Redactor too. After backup complete i can’t install CB (couse it shows 0 license).
Second thing : in my purcheses i have 1.2.7-pl version CB

Hi Yarsolav,

I’ve released the contentblocks license on your account, so that will show 1 license available again.

If you’d like to get the 1.3 prerelease of ContentBlocks, you need to go to and enable the “Pre-releases” channel by clicking on it. After that it should show you the pre releases as well!

In the manager-panel i am having 0 license. Am i need to recreate key?

Hi @smakarov3 can you try it again now?

No need to recreate the API Key; that’s just a login to our provider and isn’t actually tied to a license.

Thanks. It works, but i have another issue : when i am trying to install Redactor MODx returns me error message “can not install the package with the signature redactor-2.0.5-pl”
MODX Revolution 2.3.2-pl

Hi @smakarov3 - there’s probably a more detailed error slightly above the closing error message that describes what’s happening. Could you post that here, or send in a support ticket to

Hi there! I’ve purchased ContentBlocks. And it’s did not working for
me. I decided to reinstall the modx cms (website relaunch). i can’t
install CB (it shows 0 license in the package manager). How can i fix that ?

There is full message
Консоль запущена…
Пробуем установить пакет с подписью: redactor-2.0.5-pl
Пакет найден… сейчас идёт подготовка к его установке.
Загрузка рабочего пространства пакета…
Рабочее пространство загружено, сейчас устанавливаем пакет…
Installing files from /home/s2310/www/core/packages/redactor-2.0.5-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/8a772bf55e557e8b126994a10d01b7de/ to /home/s2310/www/core/components/modmore
Attempting to preserve files at /home/s2310/www/core/components/modmore into archive /home/s2310/www/core/packages/redactor-2.0.5-pl/xPDOFileVehicle/
Could not find the provider for this package. Please make sure this package was installed with the package provider and contact if you need assistance.
Vehicle e0e44ad08142d4ff74c7051645ad130f in transport redactor-2.0.5-pl failed to install and indicated the process should be aborted.
Resource URI departments/1/psixiatricheskie-otdeleniya/psixiatricheskoe-otdelenie-6/ordinator-otdeleniya already exists for resource id = 148; skipping duplicate resource URI for resource id = 691
Resource URI departments/1/psixiatricheskie-otdeleniya/psixiatricheskoe-otdelenie-11/ordinator-otdeleniya already exists for resource id = 160; skipping duplicate resource URI for resource id = 436
Невозможно установить пакет с подписью: redactor-2.0.5-pl"

Hi there! May be you have any ideas ho i can install Redactor? May be i need to use another key or somethinh else?

That error means the package wasn’t downloaded via the provider, or maybe you deleted the provider. The next step would be to force remove the package from the packages grid, then download Redactor again via the package provider and try the install again.

(The API key is only used as a login to the provider, so you will rarely need to recreate that)