Copy layouts/fields with value (deep-cloning)

Hi modMore-Team,

as I’m loving ContentBlocks so much, it’s becoming a standard-extra for my MODX-CMS’s.

One thing I noticed is, that you can “repeat” a layout - so it clones it after the current one with the populated values. But this doesn’t work so good, if you use nested layouts. It would be great if this gets fixed/stabilized some time.

Also it would be an extremely beneficial addition to be able to clone/copy/paste fields. As my field-collection gets bigger and bigger, some fields have many settings-fields that have to or can be adjusted. When done with one of these more complex fields (or even with a built-in table-/list- field, and so on) it would be totally awesome to be able to just deep-clone this field with all its adjusted properties.

Would make the life of a MODX-Editor even more simpler…