cbGetFieldContent not working in nested layouts

Hello Forum!

I am currently having an issue with the cbGetFieldContent snippet.

We have a field that is a Layout field so we can nest a layout inside another, out side of the nested layout the snippet works fine but inside the nested layout does not pick it up.

I’ve disabled all javascript on the front end of the site to rule out any of our scripts interfering and it still does not work.

Please let me know if this makes sense or if I need to explain it a different way.

Thanks in advance

What version of ContentBlocks are you using? Nested field support was only added to cbGetFieldContent in 1.5.

That’s fantastic news to know! We’re using 1.2.7 but when i click check for updates it says it’s all up to date. So now it makes sense!. We’re also testing updating ModX and ACE broke content blocks.

I have now updated and works perfectly. ACE no longer breaks Content Blocks as well, it just does not work :smiley: which is outside of this forum’s scope of support. Thank so much you’ve stopped a week of hair pulling!

Send a message to support@modmore.com – it sounds like your license is stuck somewhere (that’s why you’re not seeing the update available).

I was able to update, I wastn able to just click check for update, but I was able to change extra providers to modmore and and download the latest version no problem and it updated that way.

Last question:
We run 3 environments of the same site. Dev, which we test updates and upgrades and stuff on, UAT which is our staging environment when then get pushed to our production environment. We’re currently in the process of testing out the latest version of ModX (2.5.2) on dev and works well as well as the latest of ContentBlocks. Will this version of content blocks work with ModX 2.4.0 I’m not seeing any compatibility statements on the main content blocks page nor in the documentation.

The currently supported minimum version for our extras is 2.4.0 (as listed here), so that should be fine. It’s definitely encouraged to get at least 2.5.2 given the security issues though :wink: