CB double save required with non-redactor editor


we tested some alternative to redactor and we meet a uncomfortable border effect.

Whit the alternatives a double save is required for publish all edition.
(if necessary I can provide a video)

We tested :

  • ckeditor-1.3.0-pl
  • tinymcerte-1.1.0-pl

CB worked fine with:

  • no Editor
  • with redactor-2.0.4-pl

Somebody have any suggestion idea?
Do you have the same problem?

Thx for your help

ps: we use contentblocks-1.2.7-pl

Hi Samuel,

It depends on the editor. It works fine with Redactor and TinyMCE, but like you discovered CKEditor and TinyMCE RTE need a bit more convincing. ContentBlocks does not contain Redactor-specific code (interestingly it does contain TinyMCE specific code as otherwise it would break on drag & drop), so that’s not the result of us trying to lock you in to Redactor or anything. That same problem also happens in other extras that support RTEs, like faqMan.

I don’t currently have a solution for it, we do have an internal issue to track it and, if we can find the time, suggest a fix to the relevant authors. I’d suggest reaching out to the developers for a solution.