Can i use a TV for upload path?


In Redactor there is the possiblitie to use a TV in the upload path. Is the same possible for an uploadpath in contentblocks? So in my image field i would like to use ‘[[tv.redactorpath]]/’ or use the pagetitle.
Is that possible?


Yeah, as long as you’re using ContentBlocks 1.3. The placeholder would be [[+tv.redactorpath]].

We’ve started standardising shared functionality like that between all our extras through something we call Alpacka:

mmm, do i need to turn that on in some setting?
i tried [[+alias]] but that didn’t work. Is that correct or should it work.
Nice thing about alias is that it is URL save.
And [[+tv.redactorpath]] also doesn’t work.
I do have a folder [[+alias]] on my server now


Ok seems i didn’t have 1.3 ! even though i installed this morning??

its working now

1.3 was a pre-release (which means you need to opt-in to getting the update via the API Keys page) until 10 minutes ago :wink: